Veiled in Vodka (Letter #3)


Last Wednesday I made a quick Target run with my daughter. We needed to get some last minute gifts for her teacher and a couple of students. While I was there, I remembered I had two copies of the above letter in my purse. I wrote it while thinking of all those who are going through difficult times during this Christmas season.

“What would someone buy in this store to make themselves feel better if they were struggling?” I asked my daughter. Before she could answer, the idea came to me. “Come on, lets go find the liquor aisle.”

Now I know full well that not every person who buys alcohol is troubled or going through a difficult time. Lots of people are probably buying drinks for Christmas celebrations. But I figured it was my best bet.

I walked past the wine and champagne until I got to the vodka section. I scanned the different brands and bottles until my eyes settled on a bottle of Absolut Vodka. It was the clearest bottle I could find which I knew would make the letter more visible. I stuck the folded up letter between that bottle and the one behind it and walked away before anyone could spot me.

As we left the store and were headed to our car we passed a man who was panhandling in the parking lot.  He was sitting there with his head down, holding a sign that said “Recent single dad of 3 kids. Have part time job but can’t make ends meet.” I stopped and looked through our bags. “Would you mind if I gave him your box of Kix cereal?” I asked my daughter. “That’s fine,” she replied.

I walked over to the man, gave him the cereal and said “God bless you.” He was very appreciative. Even though it wasn’t quite as anonymous an act of kindness as I prefer, I was glad that man and his kids were going to have a breakfast to eat in the morning.

As for the other copy of the letter pictured above, I have yet to hide it anywhere. But when I do, I’ll let you guys know. Hope you all had a great Christmas!




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