Friendliness and Frozen Yogurt (Letter #7)

Last Saturday a friend of mine invited me to meet up with her at our usual frozen yogurt hang out spot. We like to get together every few months, usually after we’ve had dinner and put our kids to bed. This time around, I was looking forward to our visit even more than usual because I knew it would be a good place to leave a kindness letter. So before I left to meet her, I sat down and wrote 2 copies of the below letter.


While my friend was sampling the different flavors I went over to the counter in the back and placed the letter behind one of the stacks of yogurt cups.

After we made our yogurt/topping  concoctions we found a table and took a seat. The only table available was the one that was furthest away from where I hid the letter. My friend sat down first, taking the spot at the table that faced the counter with the stacks of yogurt cups, leaving me to sit across from her with my back turned towards them. I was a little disappointed, but then I thought God probably wanted it that way.

I have yet to see anyone find and read any of my letters. I think that’s how it’s meant to be for right now. If the people who get my letters don’t get to find out who I am, it’s only fair that I don’t get to find out who they are. Besides, if I hadn’t been sitting with my back turned, I probably would have been too distracted to fully focus on my conversation with my friend.

When we did finally get up to leave a couple hours later, I glanced over at the cups and saw that the letter was gone. I smiled as I walked out the door to my car.

4 thoughts on “Friendliness and Frozen Yogurt (Letter #7)

  1. Oh wow. That letter would bless anyone who receives it. It even encouraged me when I read it. God knows exactly who needs to hear your encouraging words and I’m sure He’s orchestrating it so that the right person gets the letter at the right time.

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