Letters #9 and #10

I went to Portland, Oregon over the weekend and was hoping to leave behind four anonymous kindness letters, but I was only able to leave two. I went to Portland to visit family, so we ended up staying in and catching up more so than exploring the city.

When I first arrived, I decided to hide one of the letters between two chairs at the airport.

Then later we went out for pizza and when we got up to leave the table I left a letter behind the napkin dispenser.

On another note, I’ve decided to start writing the website address to this blog on all my letters from now on. That way if the recipients are curious they can check out the blog to find out why I write anonymous letters of kindness and they can even reach out if they want to.

Not much of an update from me this time around, but in my next post I will be starting a series explaining why I write these letters and what I’m hoping will come out of it.


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