Library Letters (#13, #14, and #15)

My library books are due tomorrow so I spent part of last night writing letters to put inside them before I return them. This letter focuses on God’s love (which is a big theme in my letters because people need to hear it) as well as trusting God with all your worries and struggles. I wrote the usual John 3:16, my church’s web address, as well as my blog’s web address on the back of each letter.

I wrote on smaller paper this time because I planned to slide them into the books without folding them. A folded letter could fall out more easily or is more likely to be discovered by the library staff. But an unfolded piece of paper smaller than the pages of a book probably won’t be found until the next reader flips to the page where it’s hidden.

The thing I love about leaving kindness letters in library books is I know that the recipients of those letters are great people I would get along with because they have the same taste in books as I do! Speaking of books, when I go to the library tomorrow I’ll be sure to check out a few more so I can hide even more letters and keep the cycle going!


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